Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory

Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory


Wheatbelt Kids visited the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory in Gingin recently as my daughter MJ has an ongoing interest in space and planets. Although this wasn’t our first time visiting there is always something new and interesting to learn and discover.


Now that MJ is 3 years old she was able to participate in most of the activities and have an understanding of how things work.  We were able to experience sitting in a NASA replica space capsule and pretend we were travelling in space.  We had lots of fun moving the 8 metre giant slinky to make wave motions, and watching the planets float and drop depending on the air in the Bernoulli display.

The discovery gallery is our favorite part of the centre with so many things to see, touch and discover.  Our favourite this time was the Ferrofluid display, which is liquid that becomes hard and spiky when magnetised.


We also braved the leaning tower this time to observe the gravity of our water filled balloons.  The leaning tower is 45 meters tall and is purpose built to replicate Galileo’s ancient experiements on gravity.


MJ loved the biodiversity gallery as she was able to look at spiders and insects through the microscopes and learn about the fauna and flora in the area.


Outside the discovery gallery we were able to throw tennis balls into the black hole and look through the Cosmology gallery.


The Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory has something for everyone in the family.  The wonderful staff have a wealth of knowledge to answer all your questions. The gift shop is well stocked with lots of little treasures to be found. The Gravity Discovery Centre also has a wonderful Cafe to relax in and have a meal, coffee and cake or even breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday – 10.00am – 4.00pm

Open Mondays for public holidays and school holidays

Observatory Opening Hours

Friday and Saturday from 7.00pm in winter and 7.30pm in summer

Subject to weather conditions and bookings

Special times can be arranged for group bookings with a minimum of 10 people

Contact Gravity Discovery Centre

Phone – 08 9575 7577

Christmas Craft Week

Christmas Craft Week

The first week of school holidays always means Christmas craft time in the Wheatbelt Kids house. My daughter MJ and I love to make and create different things to give to our loved ones and decorate the Christmas tree with.

This year we saw a few different projects in shops that we had to try and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Gingerbread Man

I found this Gingerbread Man cut out pack at Riot Art and Craft and really liked the convenience.

I then made a tray of collage items for MJ to choose from for her own Gingerbread Man.

She really enjoyed this activity and choosing items to use.  You can create the same by drawing a man figure onto card and collaging with items you may have at home.

gingerbread man 1
gingerbread man 2
gingerbread man 3
gingerbread man 4

Santa Craft

I found this Santa craft pack at Red Dot in Northam. The pack contains 6 Santa cut outs to make for $2.99 which I thought was a bargain.

While MJ needed some help with cutting parts for the Santas it was very easy for her to peel, stick and glue together.

The finished poduct was a very cute looking Santa.

Santa craft 1
santa craft 2
santa craft 3
santa craft 5
santa craft 4

Popstick Puppets

I found this Stick Puppet Kit when at Riot Art and Craft in November. The kit was a great price and had everything included which makes crafting life with a three year old much easier.

MJ needed some help with this as it was a little fiddly, but the final product was great fun.  Once dry we had hours of puppet shows.

puppet 1
puppet 2
puppet 3
puppet 4

Painting Ceramics

MJ loves to paint anything and everything so of course I had to pick up a few Christmas Ceramics to paint.

I found some cheap ones at Woolworths and Riot Art and Craft but most small speciality stores have little kits.

We made lots of mess but made lots of memories.


Pom Pom Reindeer

I found this Pom Pom Reindeer craft pack at Red Dot and thought it would be a great fine motor activity for MJ for when Mummy needed some quiet time.

MJ loved the pom poms and colour matching. Mummy liked the 30 minutes to relax but ended up folding the mountain of washing.


Moveable Santa

The Moveable Santa craft pack was from Riot Art and Craft.

This one I let MJ paint and she had lots of fun and cheekily painted the table.

I liked this pack as it included the split pins for the Santas.


santa 1
santa 2
santa 3
santa 4

Magic Christmas Tree

I found this Magic Christmas Tree while shopping at the Australian Geographic Store in Midland Gate.

It was great fun to watch over the day to see how much it had grown.  Our tree didn’t turn out exactly like the packet due to MJ accidently pouring half the special water over the table, but we loved watching our special tree anyway.

tree 1
tree 2
tree 3
tree 6
tree 5
tree 4

Making Clay Decorations

We made our own decorations and painted them this year.  MJ had lots of fun rolling out the clay, choosing cutters to use and then painting them once dry.

Please note that the clay took a day to dry in the Northam heat, you could speed up the drying time in the oven like salt dough.

clay 1
clay 2
clay 3
clay 4
clay 5
clay 6
clay 7
clay 8
clay 9
clay 10

Thank you for taking the time to read our Christmas craft adventures this year.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Stay safe on our Wheatbelt roads while driving these school holidays.


Jodie and MJ xx

Merry Christmas from Wheatbelt Kids

3 Step Skittles Experiment

3 Step Skittles Experiment


I’m sure you have probably seen the Skittles experiment all over Facebook and Youtube the past few months just like I have. The rainbow Skittle experiment looked easy, fun and colourful.

My daughter MJ and I decided to test it out and had lots of fun while learning about colours, how they mix, and of course eating them.

For the experiment you will need




warm water


Step 1 – Place skittles around your plate.

You can choose to make patterns with the skittles or group colours to create bigger coloured lines when the water is added.



Step 2 – Carefully pour the warm water into the middle of the plate.


Step 3 –  Watch the colours from the skittles dissolve making a wonderful pattern.

This takes about 1-2 minutes.


We had lots of fun watching the colours melt into each other. The swirling effect was very interesting to watch form.  MJ had a wonderful time placing the skittles in different postitons to see what impact it would have.  She also decided to experiment with blowing and mixing with her fingers which added to the learning process.


This experiment gave lots of opportunities of learning for MJ including:

  • Counting the skittles
  • Learning colours
  • Grouping and sorting the skittles
  • Fine motor skills for placing the skittles
  • Pouring skills
  • Mixing colours
  • Prediction of what would happen
  • Testing the experiment