Firework Craft To Celebrate The New Year

Firework Craft

Firework Craft

We had lots of fun even though it was a little windy. My daughter Maddison and I love paint and all things glittered, but if you want less mess to clean up, aprons and a drop sheet are recommended as it gets a little messy with little ones.

To Make Your Firework Craft You Will Need:

Paper (coloured paper or cardboard is better)


Toilet rolls


Paper plates


Firework Craft

To set up the activity pour coloured paint onto separate paper plates.  Carefully cut small strips around the toilet rolls (only cut halfway up the roll).


The toilet roll is then used as a stamper onto the paper to achieve the firework effect.


MJ had a great time stamping the fireworks and mixing the colours.  We used glitter to give an extra sparkle to our work which is optional if you don’t love glitter like we do.


Let us know if you like this activity by commenting below.

Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Firework Craft
Fireworks Craft

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