Northam Elevate Festival 2023

Northam Elevate Festival 2023

2023 Northam Elevate Festival

The Elevate Festival took place on Saturday 6th May at the Henry Street Oval in Northam, Australia – the country’s number one hot air ballooning destination.

This one-of-a-kind event marked the beginning of the 23rd National Ballooning Championships, where the skies were filled with an array of colourful hot air balloons.

Spectators were treated to a host of interactive experiences including the chance to meet the pilots, family-friendly entertainment, more than twenty food trucks offering mouth-watering bites, the hostess-with-the-absolute-mostess Famous Sharron, as well as live music from Remi Mura and Refractory Road.

It was an unforgettable evening filled with unique hot air balloon experiences.

Video on YouTube – Elevate Festival 2023 | Northam, Western Australia

Northam Elevate Festival Balloon Fiesta

The stunning hot air balloons were tethered to the ground and inflated.

The balloon burners were periodically ignited, keeping the balloons inflated and creating a breathtaking glow in time to the live music that illuminated the sky and captivated the audience.

Elevate Festival
Elevate Festival
Northam Festival
Elevate Festival
Elevate Festival
Elevate Festival 2023

5th FAI Women’s World Hot Air Ballooning Championships

We are looking forward to watching more balloons in September 2023 for the Women’s Ballooning Championship event.

Practice Flights: Sat/Sun 2nd/3rd Sept, 2023
Competition Flights: Mon 4th Sept – Sat 9th Sept, 2023

To find out more visit

Elevate Festival 2023

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