Our Visit To Wundowie Iron Festival In 2022

Wundowie Iron Festival 2022

Wundowie Iron Festival In 2022

Wundowie played a crucial role in the development of Western Australia’s iron ore industry. To celebrate its heritage, the Wundowie Iron Festival takes place every year. Nestled within dense bushland, this hidden gem can be found 65km east of Perth via the Great Eastern Highway or just 30km west of Northam.

The festival has evolved from showcasing local artists to celebrating the community’s industrial history and the Charcoal, Iron, and Steel Mill, which was founded in 1948. A visit to this year’s festival is the perfect day trip for anyone seeking a scenic drive and a glimpse into the past.

Wundowie Iron Festival
Wundowie Iron Festival
Wundowie Iron Festival
Wundowie Iron Festival
Wundowie Iron Festival

The 2022 Wundowie Iron Festival was celebrated on Saturday 17th September.

Bluey and Bingo
Bluey and Bingo
Amusement Rides
Amusement Rides
Ice Cream Van
Petting Zoo
Wundowie Iron Festival
Wundowie Iron Festival

Find Out More About The Wundowie Iron Festival

Every year, the Wundowie Progress Association enlivens the town with their widely-anticipated event, the Wundowie Iron Festival.
The festival serves not only as a celebration of the unique culture and heritage of the area but also acts as a vital tourist attraction, drawing people from all over Australia to the beautiful Wheatbelt region.
This festival is an excellent opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the history and character of Wundowie, to sample the food, crafts and entertainment that the town has to offer.
Keep an eye out for more information on the Wheatbelt Kids Events page in September/October each year, and come join in the festivities!

For more information visit the website Wundowie Progress Association

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