3 Step Skittles Experiment

3 Step Skittles Experiment

Skittles Experiment

I’m sure you have probably seen the Skittles experiment all over Facebook and YouTube the past few months just like I have. The rainbow Skittle experiment looked easy, fun and colourful.

My daughter MJ and I decided to test it out and had lots of fun while learning about colours, how they mix, and of course eating them.

For the experiment you will need




warm water

Skittles Experiment

Step 1 – Place skittles around your plate.

You can choose to make patterns with the skittles or group colours to create bigger coloured lines when the water is added.

Skittles Experiment
Skittles Experiment
Skittles Experiment

Step 2 – Carefully pour the warm water into the middle of the plate.

Skittles Experiment

Step 3 –  Watch the colours from the skittles dissolve making a wonderful pattern.

This takes about 1-2 minutes.

Skittles Experiment
Skittles Experiment
3 Step Skittles Experiment
Skittles Experiment
Skittles Experiment

We had lots of fun watching the colours melt into each other. The swirling effect was very interesting to watch form. MJ had a wonderful time placing the skittles in different postitons to see what impact it would have. She also decided to experiment with blowing and mixing with her fingers which added to the learning process.

This Skittles Experiment gave lots of opportunities of learning including:

  • Counting the skittles
  • Learning colours
  • Grouping and sorting the skittles
  • Fine motor skills for placing the skittles
  • Pouring skills
  • Mixing colours
  • Prediction of what would happen
  • Testing the experiment
Skittles Experiment

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