Easy Fork Chicken Craft

Easy Fork Chicken Craft

Easter Fork Chicken Craft

This week is Easter and Maddison is very excited to go on an egg hunt in the backyard on Sunday.

We have had lots of fun doing craft activities this week in preparation for Sunday, and the one she loved the most was the easy fork chicken.

I found a similar activity on Pinterest two years ago which I used for a craft session in the classroom and it worked very well. I changed the original activity this time to a chicken for Easter and free hand cut out the pieces for the legs and beak.

I decided that it would be a quick and easy craft to share with my followers on the Wheatbelt Kids page and I hope you enjoy making one too.

Chicken Craft

To Make Your Own Fork Chicken You Will Need:

  • A4 paper
  • Fork
  • Yellow paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange paper
  • Scissors
Chicken Craft
Chicken Craft

When preparing the activity I chose to cut out the beak and legs for the chicken as Miss 3 is still at the scissor hacking stage, if your child is able to cut they can choose to cut their own with parental supervision.


To begin pour a generous amount of yellow paint into the centre of the paper. Then use the back of the fork to drag the paint from the centre outwards, to form a chicken body.  This part can get messy and extra fork scratches can give a great texture for the chicken.

Easy fork chicken
Chicken Craft
Easy Fork Chicken
Easy Fork Chicken

When you are happy with the chicken body, stick the legs, beak and googly eyes onto the paper then leave to dry. We used the wet paint as glue, but you could use PVA glue to stick on the parts after your chicken body has dried.


Once dry we used scissors to cut out the chicken.

To extend on this activity you could also add feathers or glitter to the body.

A bonus idea would be to add a pop stick to the back and use in the garden on Easter morning.

Easy Fork Chicken Craft
Easy Fork Chicken Craft
Easy Fork Chicken Craft

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