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Tuesday 17th April 2018 – Snakes Alive Story Time and Craft with Laura and Sarabi the Stimson Python

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Maddison and I have been loving the free activities at the Northam PharmaSave chemist this school holidays.

On Tuesday we went to the Snakes Alive Story Time and Craft with Laura and her Stimson Python named Sarabi.

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Learning About Stimson's Pythons At Northam PharmaSave

Maddison enjoyed listening to the Snakes Alive book and learning about what snakes eat and how they move.

Some Facts about Stimson’s Pythons:

  • Pythons enjoy a diverse and nutritious menu, feasting on the likes of small mammals, amphibious frogs, soaring birds, and scaly lizards.
  • Stimson’s Pythons are non-venomous, but can deliver a painful bite.
  • Can live from 15-25 years in captivity.
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Laura acquainted us with Sarabi, the Stimson Python – a fascinating creature named after Simba’s mother in The Lion King.
Although Maddison was allowed to interact with Sarabi in the store, Laura wisely advised her to exercise caution and inform an adult when encountering snakes in the wild.
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Maddison crafted a wonderful paper-folded snake to take home as an amazing memento of the craft session, and she added her own special touch with some colourful details on a included coloring page.

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