Bilya Koort Boodja​

Bilya Koort Boodja

Wheatbelt Kids Visit To Bilya Koort Boodja​

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Nestled in the heart of Northam’s CBD, along the picturesque Avon River, the Bilya Koort Boodja Centre serves as a captivating gateway to the rich Nyoongar culture and environmental wisdom of the Ballardong region.

As a prime regional attraction, this immersive learning hub not only safeguards the heritage of the Nyoongar people, but also showcases their time-honored land management practices, providing visitors with a truly enlightening experience.

The Bilya Koort Boodja Centre for Nyoongar Culture and Environmental Knowledge in Northam offers an unique experience through the Nyoongar Ballardong region, allowing participants of all ages to immerse in captivating stories of elders, learn about their language, and discover the authentic names of local animals.

Video on YouTube – Wheatbelt Kids visit Bilya Koort Boodja Centre in Northam Western Australia

Maddison enjoyed her visit and loved the interactive displays and recordings.  We were able to listen to elders and their stories and find out about the Nyoongar language and how to pronounce the animals names. Something for all ages and a great cultural museum for the Wheatbelt.

Bilya Koort Boodja
Bilya Koort Boodja
Bilya Koort Boodja
Bilya Koort Boodja
Bilya Koort Boodja
Bilya Koort Boodja

Visit Bilya Koort Boodja​

BKB is located along the Avon River on Minson Ave, Northam WA

BKB is open 7 days a week 9am – 4pm

*closed Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.


(08) 9622 2170


[email protected]

For more information visit the BKB website


Bilya Koort Boodja

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