Canola fields at PetTeet Park York

Canola PetTeet Park York

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Visiting the Canola fields at PetTeet Park near York, Western Australia

Wheatbelt Kids visited PetTeet Park in September 2022. 

PetTeet Park is situated on 100 acres in the picturesque Talbot Brook between York and Beverley. We spent a few hours enjoying the spring morning walking through the canola, then checking out the animals and finished with an ice cream.

Video on YouTube – Visiting the canola fields at PetTeet Park near York, Western Australia for safe canola selfies.

What is Canola?

Canola, a member of the mustard family grown for its seed and oil, offers an abundance of riches. In addition to industrial applications such as biodiesel production and vegetable oils used in food products worldwide, it also provides captivating scenery during blooming season each year – making sure your visit is timed just right won’t leave you disappointed!

Canola PetTeet Park York

Canola Selfies and Photography

Capture the beauty of a blooming canola field with these tips for taking breathtaking photos!

  • To enhance your photos, try framing them behind the vivid yellow flowers. Incorporate different angles and heights to give more depth to each shot.
  • Add even further dimension by dressing in clothes that contrast against this vibrant hue – like blue or white – so you’ll truly stand out amongst its golden splendor!
  • Try photos from above with a drone to capture the amazing countryside.

PetTeet Park

PetTeet Park offers an unforgettable opportunity to capture stunning and vibrant photos. Located near Perth, this family-run business cultivates a breathtaking canola field for visitors – free of any toxic pesticides! Get the perfect shot during your visit today in PetTeet’s picturesque park.

PetTeet Park also offers the chance to experience something truly unique. Their rare and exotic animal selection includes Babydoll Southdown Sheep, Miniature Goats, Cattle – both Hereford & Belted Galloway varieties – as well as Pigs of varying size proportion!

Of course no farm would be complete without horses and sheep such as Merinos… not to mention protective alpacas and Maremma Dogs guarding each livestock with expertise.

Maddi had an amazing experience at the farm, patting alpacas and sheep plus seeing a newborn calf! To top it off, she was even lucky enough to spot an emu.


Alpaca PetTeet Park
Canola York Western Australia

York Canola Season

PetTeet Park is open to the public on weekends during August and September for safe canola selfies, and is just under a 2 hour drive from Perth.

Entry – $15 per adult, $10 child over 5 years, $10 student/concession *2022 prices*.

Limited internet so cash is preferred.

1625 Qualen West Road Gilgering, WA, Australia 6302

To find out more follow PetTeet Park on Facebook –

Canola Selfies

Visiting The Canola Fields At PetTeet Park

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