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Hoddywell Archery Park

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Hoddywell Archery Park In Toodyay

Hoddywell Archery Toodyay

Nestled amidst 50 acres of pristine bushland outside the charming town of Toodyay, just an hour’s drive from Perth, Hoddywell Archery Park offers a unique outdoor experience in a stunning natural setting. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or trying your hand at the sport for the first time, Hoddywell’s scenic trails and range provide a welcoming space to enjoy the art of archery.

Safety and accessibility are paramount at Hoddywell. The park features graded walking trails and targets at varying distances to accommodate archers of all skill levels.

Experienced bowmen can test their skills on the challenging long-distance targets, while beginners can start on the shorter range and work their way up as their accuracy and confidence grow. The trails themselves wind peacefully through native bush, creating an immersive experience amidst the rustling eucalyptus leaves and Australian wildlife.

With its spacious store, museum, and kiosk, Hoddywell Archery Park has everything you need for a perfect day enjoying one of the world’s oldest sports. Whether you bring your own bow or rent equipment on-site, a visit to this premier destination is sure to spark a lifelong passion for the art of archery.

Hoddywell entrance
Hoddywell Store
Hoddywell Archery Trails

About Hoddywell

Established in 1978 with a mission to create an enjoyable, inclusive, and economical archery experience, Hoddywell Archery Park today stands tall as a testament to continuous passion and commitment. Renowned as Australia’s sole full-scale public archery facility, the park not only boasts one of the country’s largest archery stores but also offers customers the convenience of online shopping.

The park features a diverse range of archery experiences, encompassing two exciting and demanding public archery trails as well as a target lane. Hoddywell Archery’s brick-and-mortar store, the largest in Western Australia, fully stocked with top-of-the-line equipment, ready to cater to the needs of every passionate archer.

Watch Our Hoddywell Adventure

Video on YouTube – Wheatbelt Kids visit to Hoddywell Archery Park in Toodyay Western Australia

Prior to commencing our journey on the trail, we travelled down to the designated practice range where our experienced instructor provided detailed instruction on how best to manage your bow and arrow.

After honing our skills, we confidently advanced to Target 1 in the 9 Target Trial designed for beginners.

Families of four can conveniently conquer the trail within a breezy 90-minute window. At every target, seize the opportunity to test your limits with an array of distance options for an exhilarating experience! By the 9th target Maddison was finding her inner Kate Bishop (Marvels Hawkeye)

We experienced an incredible day filled with excitement and enjoyment! There’s no doubt that we will find ourselves revisiting this destination during the upcoming school holiday period.

Archery Toodyay
Archery Perth

What Is The Best Age To Start Archery?

Archery is an exhilarating sport that requires skill and agility. Starting early, between the ages of 6-9 can provide youngsters with a great foundation to build on as they grow in their skillset. At this stage, children must possess enough physical strength to be able to draw back the bow – not forgetting focus and attentiveness when it comes following safety commands.

Maddison was aged 9 on our visit.

Hoddywell Archery

The Benefits Of Archery

Archery offers many benefits including

  • improved mental focus through concentration on aim
  • improved physical strength through drawing back the bow
  • increased agility through proper footwork
  • enhanced coordination through practice
  • increased hand-eye coordination through aiming
  • enhancing self confidence when shots hit their intended target!
Archery for fun
Archery Entrance
Archery WA

How Much Does It Cost?

Discover the perfect archery destination for school trips, social gatherings, birthday celebrations, and team bonding exercises. Enjoy competitive pricing that incorporates range access, top-notch equipment rental, and professional guidance.

Prices below from the Hoddywell website:

(prices March 2023, subject to change please visit website for updated pricing)

  • 9 Target Family Fun Trail – $24.90 per person per round
    All archery equipment is provided, practice bays available, tuition at point of hire by instructors, sheltered undercover circular targets, large side and backstop netting, leafy graded trail with safety mounds either side. After safety briefing and instructions archers enter the trail, shoot 3 arrows at target no. 1, retrieve arrows then proceed to target no. 2 and so on until target number 9.

  • 15 Target Adventure Trail – $34.90 per person per round
    All  archery equipment is provided. Tuition at point of hire by instructors. Surrounded by natural bush, undulating graded leafy trail, smaller various novelty targets at longer distance, (closer markers are installed for junior archers) large backstops. The game is played the same as the 9 Target Trail. archers shoot 3 arrows at each target until target no. 15 and equipment is returned.

  • Target Lane – $28.00 per person / hour

    All archery equipment is provided. Tuition at point of hire by instructors. Marked archery shooting range from 10m to 80m. Archers shoot from chosen distances. Time must be booked in advance.

Hoddywell Archery Toodyay

Hoddywell Archery Opening Times

Bow Hire & Shooting Trails open

Saturday  9.30am – 4pm

Sunday  9.30am – 4pm

(Last bows out at 3pm. All shooting stops at 4pm.)

Hoddywell’s Archery Store is open

Monday  10.00am – 4pm

Tuesday  10.00am – 4pm

Saturday  10.00am – 4pm

Sunday  10.00am – 4pm

Visiting Hoddywell Archery Park

Located at 1027 Clackline-Toodyay Road just 12 minutes from the town of Toodyay.


(08) 9574 2410




[email protected]

Archery Perth WA

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